SEO-SEMSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about making presence and visibility on the Internet where competitors always will be looking for new ways to outperform you when it comes to an online business. At Web Meritus, we equip and power clients and allied partners from fierce competition by keeping your website consistently to the top search result page on search whenever your customers use search engines like Google to locate products and services that are being sold online.


Web Meritus has of a highly professional team of SEOrs with a proven track record of delivering desired results. Our result-oriented approach makes us a prominent website optimization company that cares for utmost satisfaction of the clients. We provide white hat SEO services with professional expertise as required by Google’s guidelines.

SEO services from Web Meritus may include

Website ranking and customer traffic boost

On Page analysis and Web architecture

Off Page analysis: high quality link building and campaigning

Analysis of your competitors link profiling and strategy in order to combat them

SEO content writing

Digital marketing

Submitting an SEO On Page analysis of your website’s performance along with link building strategies


SEM/PPC (AdWords)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is highly useful service for a website if you want an immediate effect in revenue on your Internet business at low costs. The reason is you will pay only for the clicks on your website link and not for placing the ad on the web.


Web Meritus is a prominent PPC management company. We have services from highly qualified PPC professionals who know how a pay per click campaign is working in full effect specifically for your website. We ensure a result-oriented approach while providing clients through our PPC services an overall low cost of the ad campaign.


Web Meritus PPC strategy

We strive towards managing PPC campaigns within a low cost frame by bidding for effective keywords.

We help in create an ad copy that catches the attention of the customer, while keeping your bids Per Click at the lowest possible level. We will place correct and proper bids for the positive results.


Web Meritus PPC services may include

Setting up PPC campaigns

Managing the campaign

Enhance the paid traffic

Reduce your CPC

Create PPC landing page

Using the landing page for direct marketing

Creation of ad copies

PPC advertising on social media such as Facebook and Linkedin

Keyword research

Regular analysis of PPC and ad campaigns