Our vision: Think local, act global!

Web-Development-CompanyToo many organizations invest in developing and maintaining localized websites to interact with their global customer. However, such an investment is not maximized as their websites cannot be found, clickthrough rates are not achieved and conversions fail. To avoid missing a great opportunity to engage with customers, an integrated SEO strategy is key from the outset.
Web Meritus approaches the unique features international markets and optimizes website content specifically for the market that is being targeted. We apply quality, relevant web development and site content. We have to go through this process locally for each and every case. At the same time we continuously work with links and in some cases socially media globally on every market and niche that we undertake.
That is why Web Meritus thinks locally but acts globally!

Web Meritus Ltd. has a world-class management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience, and unique administration skills.


Leading web development and web marketing company

Web Meritus Ltd. is a web technology and web marketing company, incorporated in the Seychelles. The company’s principal offices are currently located in Colombo, Sri Lanka. All operations, from administration to product development, take place at this leased office location. Staff is steadily growing and is likely to go beyond our +30 personell force in Web development and SEO.



Web Meritus Ltd currently delivers SEO, SEM and digital marketing related services to its customers and managerial and ownership interests. We also own, hosts and manage in excess of 100 active web domains.