Business development and Joint Venture

Business-development-and-Joint-VentureWeb Meritus connect all aspects of our technical web knowledge with the aspect of  Business development. The term business development is broad and it could involve implications and meanings related to business such as: direct sale and marketing, partnerships and strategic alliances.

For Web Meritus the term means long-term value. In its most simple form value is cash or money or anything that goes when it comes to lifeblood of a business. There are many ways to survive or to may ”quick bucks” but business development should not involve short-term get-rich-fast programs or ”win-lose”-strategies. Those methods will work sometimes today but the will be long gone tomorrow.

Business development should be about creating opportunities for a value to persist over the the long period to keep the revenue streams open so that value can flow indefinitely. Thinking about business development as a means to creating long-term value is the right and true way to succeed and to consistently make an organization.


The customers are the ones generating revenue streams and hence pay the bills and generate profits. Without them there is no business to develop. Maybe you do have a good and strong product or service but you can’t reach out to the right customer. What could be done and how should you go above is an important question that needs to be asked and answered.



The market is a key term since the customers ”live” and exist in specific markets. Customers do not only live geographically in different markets, they live in markets that can be defined by demography, life style and consumption trends. To be able to spot and identify the targeted customer by reaching out to and entering different markets is a one key element in business development.



Successful business development rely upon strong relationships. A solid and mutual relationship with any party – beit a customer, a partner, an employee or a distributor – is a underlying foundation for a serious business to survive and prosper. You wish to build long-term relations so that you can work side by side with your client, partner or employee with a mutual understanding and respect for  eachother. If you protect that principle you will be on the right track in your business development.


Business development and Joint Venture – The Web Meritus Way

All in all, business development involves key elements such as sales, customers and relations. Al these things come in to play and much, much more that we can go on discussing about. It is difficult summarize business development in just 1000 words, it simply needs to be practiced and tried out.

Web Meritus is a business developer and we have initiated and carried many successful businesses worldwide, particularly in the Northern Region in Europe where we have a high presence when it comes to our services. We are not only web developers and SEOrs – we are business developers and we want to be on the same boat as our clients from day one if possible. Sometimes when we feel there is time to commit more to a project or a business case we form a Joint Venture with the client in question. Read more about our Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances on Markets